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About IGM Investments

IGM Investments is an international press agency whose goal is to connect multinational corporations with countries which have potentially attractive economies for investment but require better global positioning. By means of its surveys and economic feature articles it boosts the international image and optimizes the international recognition for developing countries.


IGM Investments carries out in-depth, thorough financial research projects which make sectorial promotion for different countries possible, fostering through the publication of these articles the inflow of foreign investments and hence improving the whole economy.

With over ten years’ experience in this sector, IGM Investments is the perfect connection between investors and expanding economies.

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During these past years IGM Investments has carried out over twenty feature articles, published in the most renowned international media, with which the company has strategic cooperation agreements.

Each economic article includes interviews with the most relevant public figures and opinion leaders from each of the featured countries, paying special attention to the private and public sectors which can optimize and boost the country’s international image in order to attract foreign investments and business opportunities.
Articles are published in different formats, either digital or on paper, which may vary depending on the campaign’s design, which always intends to achieve the highest circulation possible. Comprehensive international positioning campaigns are designed based on the country’s economic uniqueness and its inherent needs.

Publishing its articles in the most renowned international media, with an average circulation of 6 million readers, IGM Investments is one of the leading companies in its sector.


Media Partners

Your media partner

IGM Investments, born a few years ago on the premise of connecting the business world with countries that are extremely attractive but require more international recognition. We seek to promote them globally and attract investment, thus improving the economy of the different sectors and generate growth in the tourism sector

El economista

Spanish Business Newspapper

The Economist is a business newspaper which was launched on February 28, 2006 in Spain.
The president and ``alma mater`` of the project is Alfonso de Salas, a former president and founder of Unidad Editorial El Mundo, and was founding director Carlos Salas.
The web page was generated on March 31, 2006, a month later, and competes with major financial portals in the country.

Los Angeles Time

The LA Daily Newspaper

Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, United States and distributed in the western states of this country, owned by Tribune Company.

Miami Herald

Miami´s daily newspapper

The Miami Herald is a daily newspaper owned by The McClatchy Company, based in Miami, Florida. First is distributed in Miami-Dade, but also is the main newspaper in Monroe County and travels through Latin America and the Caribbean.

It has a completely in Spanish, El Nuevo Herald.

EL Nuevo Herald

El mejor diario en español de Estados Unidos

El Nuevo Herald, the best Spanish-language newspaper in the United States, offers the best in news , entertainment and sports in the nation, Cuba , Venezuela , Latin America and the world

Promoland Media

Agency Specialized in Marketing Assets

Promoland Media is an agency specialized in marketing asset that arises in 2005 in the hands of two professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We have infrastructure and organizational capacity to deliver services that give value to our customers and achieve competitive differentiation. We can adapt to the structure of our customers and offer appropriate service depending on the needs of each company...

IGM Investments and media partners...

Seek to promote countries globally and attract investment, thus improving the economy of the different sectors…