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IGM Investments is an international press agency whose goal is to connect multinational corporations with countries which have potentially attractive economies for investment.


IGM Investments encourages global positioning for developing countries, thus upholding their international recognition and therefore attracting foreign investments and capital inflow; these are fundamental aspects to boost the industrial sectors and improve economic growth.

IGM Investments carries out in-depth, thorough financial research projects which make sectorial promotion for different countries possible by building a solid database of macroeconomical data and feature articles with objective, verified, true contents.

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IGM Investments carries out economic surveys which include interviews with several senior officers and public figures both from the political and financial spheres, who help us provide the reader with the full picture of the country’s socioeconomic reality.

Our purpose with these articles is to give a real, objective vision of the different investment and business options, paying special attention to State economic policies and tax incentives.

Our economic feature articles are published in renowned, influential international media, such as Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Nuevo Herald or El Economista.

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With extensive experience in the field of economic articles featuring different countries in several continents, IGM Investments is one of the leading companies in its sector and has published both in English and Spanish. Its economic articles have covered Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador or Ecuador, among others.

Its articles’ circulation is achieved through international media located in strategic regions with over 6 MILLION WEEKLY readers. This wide scope allows for huge international impact and improves the country’s global positioning so as to attract foreign investment and boost different economic sectors such as tourism.


IGM Investments uses print as a circulation channel for its feature articles, since it is one of the most important mass media nowadays; moreover, it has been able to improve its followers by including web-based formats.

It is undeniable that print is one of the most important communication channels nowadays. For most of our communities, newspapers also represent one of the most accessible sources for this kind of information, which would otherwise only be in the hands of politicians, intellectuals or the financial elite.

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